ESOKID 2S, 2-pole electrode for oesophageal ECG. Pediatric applications. Electrode spacing 20 mm. The electrodes in stainless steel. Hose made of polyurethane. Gentle non-traumatic silicone tip. Diameter of hose 2.0 mm. Length 75 cm. Leaders (2) are included. Step-by-step markings. Protected 2 mm contacts. Sterile packaging. Single use.


Bipolar electrode for recording of ECG in the esophagus. Connected to Rostock Filter to transmit ECG signals to standard ECG apparatus or monitoring equipment. The bipolar signal recorded and filtered in the Rostock Filter is displayed on the ECG device or on the Monitoring Equipment on one of the precordial wiring channels. Other surface ECG connections are unchanged. The signal shown is purely a bipolar recording of the ECG signal from the esophagus.