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Our company focuses on cardiology. We provide advanced products for the diagnostics and treatment of arrhythmias from the market leaders. Our specialties are EP examination, transseptal technology, esophageal ECG diagnostics and stimulation.

Our Services

Sales and


Design, propose and provide solutions for a complete cardiac laboratory | Represent manufacturers of products for invasive cardiac examinations

Installation and

Customer support

Installing and integrating individual products or complex medical devices | Communicate the customers feedback to the manufacturers

Service and Training

Support advanced methods and technologies for the diagnostics and management of arrhythmias | Training of the staff on site | Service and preventive maintenance of the medical technical equipment


Our Area Of Expertise

Esophageal semi-invasive access

Esophageal ECG diagnostics and pacing for treatment of arrhythmias

Transseptal technique

Equipments and products for transseptal catheterization using Radio frequency energy

Advanced cardiac stimulation

Programmed pacing during the invasive (EP) and semi-invasive (Esophageal) investigations

EP investigations

Equipment for signal acquisition, analysis and documentation during the advanced EP studies


Products & Manufacturers



Dr Steen Pehrson

I wish to express my gratitude to FIAB srl and Michal Dohnal, Subito Cardio, who found it important and made it possible to publish my thesis of transoesophageal electrophysiology.


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Rullagergatan 9 
415 05 Göteborg 

Telefon: +46 705 64 33 64

E-post: info@subito.se


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VAT: SE556770525501

GLN: 7332933000011

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